It’s almost impossible to hate BB-8, the lovable droid that stars in two of the latest additions to the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Even though his design seems fundamentally flawed (a metal sphere with traction?), he is undeniably cute and is an amazingly loyal companion.

Turns out Poe isn’t the only man in the galaxy lucky enough to have BB-8 as a sidekick. You can have your own mini BB-8 too!


  • 3D printer, we used this one
  • Wood-infused filament, we used this one
  • Orange and silver permanent markers to colour in designs*
  • Dark brown powder or chalk to scrape
  • Thin black permanent marker to outline panels and draw details
  • Plastic surface to use as a palette, a yoghurt lid works well
  • Small paintbrush for details and medium paintbrush for large spaces
  • White and black acrylic craft paint

We downloaded and printed this design by Deltareactor3D. They did an amazing job modelling a miniature BB-8! I suggest using a wood-infused filament when 3D printing so that the acrylic paint sets properly. We printed two just in case.

I would argue that acrylic craft paint is the best to use. It’s relatively cheap, easy to work with and dries matte pretty fast. I used Craftsmart which can be found at Michael’s Craft Store. Any brand name of acrylic paint will work, some better than others. My favourite affordable paintbrushes are these, which are soft and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

I chose to use permanent markers for part of this project so that BB-8’s details are clean and precise. *You can use orange and silver paint instead if preferred.


  • Paint the whole droid white first and wait for it to dry completely before adding the details
  • Add the silver aspects before the orange ones to make clean up easier
  • Seal BB-8 with a satin finish for a polished look. Test on a small area first to make sure it doesn’t ruin your hard work
  • For movie accuracy, the photoreceptor can be coated with a glossy finish


Congratulations, you now have your very own droid! Owning a droid is not an easy task– they have feelings too. Once the paint is dry, make sure to treat him well! Give him a name or better yet, sell him for extra food rations.

BB-8 is a loyal friend and accomplice in times of need. Not to mention, he makes the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan!


May the Force be with you!



It’s almost time to return back to university for the second (and last) semester! It’s hard to believe how fast the first one went by; don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t particularly exciting or fun but it definitely felt less treacherous than high school.

As I was preparing to head back to school, I thought it would be fun to do a rundown of some of my backpack essentials!



1. My pencil case is by Kate Spade and has been my best pal all through high school and university. It’s sizable but slim and its sleek exterior makes it easy to slide in and out of my backpack. Definitely worth the splurge, in my opinion.

2. There’s nothing I love more than my good old Bic mechanical pencils. I’m not sure why, but I reach for them year after year. Reliable, affordable and smooth.

3. Midliner highlighters come in a variety of pastel colours and are absolutely beautiful!

4. I love writing my notes in a black gel pen. It’s dark, polished and fun to mess around with.

I got this tip from my mom: to save space in your backpack, carry around a clipboard for notes! They’re thinner and more convenient than a binder and can be used on any surface. I transfer my notes every few days to a binder I have at home.

5. This notebook is from Muji and is super thin, light and convenient!


6. I always carry around two sets of earphones in case I forget one at home. For a long time, my spare was floating around the bottom of my backpack until I bought this on a whim! I don’t regret it one bit– it’s great for travel too.

7. My laptop sleeve is by FOPATI and can be found on Amazon. I wanted a vertical one with no zipper so I can slide my laptop in and out of my backpack without hassle. This one works well, and the flap can be tucked in behind.


8. Kleenexes are a must, especially during the winter. I got this little set for Christmas, and it comes with some wet wipes too! It was purchased at Indigo.

9. I’ve started carrying around hand sanitizer. It’s a must if you use public transit! The scent I have is this one from Bath and Body Works. I also have a tiny hand cream, which I tend to use in my hair to tame static more than I use it on my hands.

Spearmint gum and Advil are a given. You never know when you’ll need them!

10. I love this lip balm by Folklore, which comes in a paper tube! It’s like a stick of lipstick but it has a clear, gel-like consistency. It smells amazing too.

11. This is actually a gift card holder I use for cash and credit cards!


Those are my backpack essentials! What are yours?

Wishing you all the best this semester!