I can’t believe January is already coming to an end! Time seems to fly by so fast these days…

January Favourites


1. Eddie Bauer pullovers – These sweaters are absolutely gorgeous. The attention to detail is phenomenal, and I love the colour and pattern variations available. They’re perfect for layering, or as cosy stand-alone pieces.

2. J. Crew puffer vest – A puffer vest for those cold winter mornings is a must have. They’re perfect to layer under ski jackets for extra warmth. I love the plaid because it’s versatile but also adds pattern and texture to outfits.

3. Earrings – As of late, I’ve been experimenting with gold jewellery. I got the hoops during a boxing day sale. They’re definitely just cosmetic, but they look absolutely gorgeous on. The other pair of earrings is from Anthropology.


4. Tarteist Pro to Go palette – After years of using drugstore eyeshadows, I was shocked at how creamy and pigmented these shadows are! They’re absolutely gorgeous. I love the orange colours on my skin tone.

5. Tiffany Eau de Parfum – I’ve been looking for a signature scent for a few years now and I am loving this perfume so far! It smells of “mandarine, iris, patchouli and musk”– Words can’t describe it.


6. SunRype Energy bars – I like the coconut flavour a lot. These bars are perfect to throw in your backpack for a mid-day snack because they’re dense and full of fruit.


7. The new illustrated covers for the Harry Potter books are gorgeous! I want to collect all of them.

As for music, I’ve been loving the song Mermaid by Skott! I also really like Torches by X Ambassadors right now.

What are your favourites this month?




It’s almost time to return back to university for the second (and last) semester! It’s hard to believe how fast the first one went by; don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t particularly exciting or fun but it definitely felt less treacherous than high school.

As I was preparing to head back to school, I thought it would be fun to do a rundown of some of my backpack essentials!



1. My pencil case is by Kate Spade and has been my best pal all through high school and university. It’s sizable but slim and its sleek exterior makes it easy to slide in and out of my backpack. Definitely worth the splurge, in my opinion.

2. There’s nothing I love more than my good old Bic mechanical pencils. I’m not sure why, but I reach for them year after year. Reliable, affordable and smooth.

3. Midliner highlighters come in a variety of pastel colours and are absolutely beautiful!

4. I love writing my notes in a black gel pen. It’s dark, polished and fun to mess around with.

I got this tip from my mom: to save space in your backpack, carry around a clipboard for notes! They’re thinner and more convenient than a binder and can be used on any surface. I transfer my notes every few days to a binder I have at home.

5. This notebook is from Muji and is super thin, light and convenient!


6. I always carry around two sets of earphones in case I forget one at home. For a long time, my spare was floating around the bottom of my backpack until I bought this on a whim! I don’t regret it one bit– it’s great for travel too.

7. My laptop sleeve is by FOPATI and can be found on Amazon. I wanted a vertical one with no zipper so I can slide my laptop in and out of my backpack without hassle. This one works well, and the flap can be tucked in behind.


8. Kleenexes are a must, especially during the winter. I got this little set for Christmas, and it comes with some wet wipes too! It was purchased at Indigo.

9. I’ve started carrying around hand sanitizer. It’s a must if you use public transit! The scent I have is this one from Bath and Body Works. I also have a tiny hand cream, which I tend to use in my hair to tame static more than I use it on my hands.

Spearmint gum and Advil are a given. You never know when you’ll need them!

10. I love this lip balm by Folklore, which comes in a paper tube! It’s like a stick of lipstick but it has a clear, gel-like consistency. It smells amazing too.

11. This is actually a gift card holder I use for cash and credit cards!


Those are my backpack essentials! What are yours?

Wishing you all the best this semester!